The Counseling Center at RTS

Where individuals, couples, and families find healing for their mind, heart, and soul.



Finding solutions when it seems as though you don’t know where to turn 



Help to repair areas of life when you find yourself hurting


Healthy Relationships

Positive change in relationships that seem to be stuck or broken

Do you feel stuck?

Reaching out to a counselor for help isn't always easy. Whether you are going through a major life event, you still feel the effects of something from your past, or you are having problems in a relationship, these emotional burdens can be hard to handle on your own. But you don’t have to handle them alone.

We Offer Services for



Our counselors are equipped to help you find healing for your challenges and burdens, whatever your stage in life, so you don’t have to face them alone.



Whether you are dating, engaged, or married, we are available to help you learn new ways of working through hurdles and enriching your relationship.



Whenever your family is facing conflict, difficult transitions, or your children are in the middle of hardships, we have counselors who are able to help your family find resolutions.


Our counselors are equipped and ready to help you in the middle of your burdens. As we seek to reach as many people as we can in the Jackson metro area, we offer counseling sessions at a reduced rate. Contact us today to get started.

How to Get Started


Contact Us

You may request an appointment by either using this website or by calling our office at 601-923-1645.


Provide General Information

When you call or when someone responds to your online request, we will then help you complete a brief intake consisting of some general information.


Connect with a Counselor

When we have your general information, we will then connect you with one of our counselors who will contact you to schedule an appointment.

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